Tapnshop ¬ Customizable Shopping Apps Give your online customers an amazing shopping experience, TapnShop is here! TapnShop helps your customers to connect with your online store via apps. We are introducing a new and evolving user experience combined with the power to grow and manage your online business. Fulfill orders, add new products to sell, manage offers and inventory, and respond to customer questions anywhere.


The TapnShop Seller app lets you:

Create listings to quickly and easily sell your products on TapnShop
Respond to customer messages. Provide great customer service by responding to customer quickly
View your sales. See reports how much and whenever and wherever you think.
Manage your inventory. Easily update your prices and quantities.
Manage your orders. Get notified when your product sells. View your pending orders and confirm shipments.
Find new products to sell. Check current prices, sales rank, add competing offers, push notifications and more
Be notified on the go for opportunities to sell new products and keep your pricing competitive.

100% customization according to your business requirements ¬ your store¬ your brand¬ your way!